For questions, please contact the Snow Pond Arts Academy Faculty!

Director of Student Services, Jenn Kelly, jenn.kelly@snowpondartsacademy.org

Dance Director, Holly Gannett, holly.gannett@snowpondartsacademy.org

Theater Director, Jerri Pitcher, jerri.pitcher@snowpondartsacademy.org

Music Director, John Neal, john.neal@snowpondartsacademy.org

Tom Klepach, tom.klepach@snowpondartsacademy.org

Bruce Judkins, bruce.judkins@snowpondartsacademy.org

1.  What is the targeted age range of potential students? 

SPAA serves grades 9-12.

2.  Will sports be made available as SPAA? 

While SPAA is looking into developing a limited sports program, by law, charter school students are able to participate on sports teams in their sending school districts.

3. If my child is happy in their current high school but would like to have more experience with the arts, can he/she take classes at SPAA?

We are working very hard to establish collaborative relationships with every high school in the area.

We believe that if a student is successful and happy in their current environment, they should stay enrolled in that school while having access to SPAA’s enriched arts and music classes, if those classes are not available in their current district. The ideal relationship would allow students who are interested in the arts to have access to classes at SPAA. Likewise, we may have a SPAA student that would like to take a class at their local school that is not available at SPAA. 

4.  What are the hours of operation? 

Students will be committed to a full day of academic and arts activity. There will be time allotted for physical activity, additional assistance with studies, lunch and nutritional breaks throughout the day.

The hours of attendance are Monday thru Thursday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am-1:00 pm.

(These times are approximate.)

5.  How will academic subjects be provided?

  • Arts will be integrated into the core curriculum along with classes that have a sole focus on the arts. SPAA will use an arts-integrated “STEAM” approach, incorporating the Arts into the “STEM” subjects: science, technology, engineering and math.

  • 3 ½ hours four days a week will be devoted to English, language arts, social studies and math. The arts will be incorporated into these subjects as well.

  • There will be a 3 hour block five days a week for the performing arts. Classes in theory and technical aspects of the arts will be combined with instruction, coaching and participation in performance, music, theatre and dance.

6.  Will SPAA be able to provide services for my child who qualifies for special services?

Yes, as a public charter school SPAA is under the same obligation to provide access to special services as a regular public school.  SPAA will have special education teachers on staff and may also contract with other providers, if necessary, to provide a free, appropriate education for all students.

7.  Where will funding for SPAA come from?

Charter schools in Maine are publicly funded schools and any Maine student may attend free of charge.