SPAA Board Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm.

MEETING Agenda SPAA Board of Directors      Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Snow Pond Center for the Arts–  5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Directors present:  

Directors Absent:  



Call to Order – Janna Townsend

 Resolution:  Moved By:        Seconded:    Vote:


Items of Discussion:

Introductions  ( 3 min)


1) Adjustments to Agenda (2 Min)                                                       


2)  Review/Approve  prior  month’s Meeting Minutes (attached)  (5 Min)   


3) Review/Approve Financial Reports from May/ June/July  (emailed out to members)- (5 min)


4) Public Comment


4) Committee Reports:  (25  min total)

Approval of policies:

GCOA Evaluation of Teachers (second reading)

IKF  Graduation Requirements (second reading)

JLDBG Reintegration from Juvenile Facilities




Graduation requirements




  1. b) Academic Excellence Committee: (5 min)
  2. c) Governance Committee: (5 min)


  1. d) Fundraising, Development/Marketing-(5 Min)
  2. e) Finance Committee-(5 min)

FY18 Revised Budget (see previous email)


5) Head of School Report-(10 min)

Non- voting parent member- Jessica Crowell


Maine Cohort for Customized Learning


Board self-evaluation summary

Snow Call System


6) Principal’s Report:-(10 min)


7) Old Business-(7 Min)

8) New Business- (6 min)



10) Announcements-(3 min)


11) EXECUTIVE SESSION – not needed at November meeting


12) Next Board Meeting -(2 min)    December 6, 2017


13) Adjourn-(2 min)