School Meals

Allergy Information

Our staff is concerned and accommodating should you have special dietary issues. Each day there are special Vegetarian and Gluten free/Dairy free options. We take special care to ensure that all of our dishes are nut free. In addition, a Soup & Salad bar will be available daily along with milk, juice and water. Nutritional snacks are available throughout the day and may include fruit, cereal bars, granola and yogurt.

Breakfast Menu


Choice of Milk
Varying Toast, Bagel, or Grain/Granola option
Variety Hot item (eggs, pancakes, etc)

Lunch Menu


Milk & Juice
A Vegetarian & a Gluten-Free option

Tuesday 2/13 –   Mac and Cheese
Wednesday 2/14 – Variety Pizza
Thursday 2/15 – Roast Pork, Herb Potatoes and Veggies
Friday 2/16 – Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with Biscuits