School Policies

Mission Statement

Snow Pond Arts Academy believes that for students to have the opportunity to achieve personal, academic, developmental and social success, we need to create positive, safe and health-promoting learning environments at every level, in every setting, throughout the school year through developing students’ skills and behaviors that promote lifelong wellness. The School Board recognizes that a student’s readiness to learn is related to his/her physical and psychological well being. The District is committed to creating healthy school environments that allow students to take full advantage of the educational programs offered at Snow Pond Arts Academy

This policy outlines Snow Pond Arts Academy’s approach to ensuring environments and opportunities for all students to practice healthy eating and physical activity behaviors throughout the school day.  Specifically, this policy establishes goals and procedures to ensure that:

  1. Students attending Snow Pond Arts Academy have access to healthy food throughout the school day.
  2. Students receive quality nutrition education that helps them develop lifelong healthy eating behaviors.
  3. Students have the opportunity to be physically active during school hours.
  4. SPAA will engage in nutrition and physical activity promotion and other activities that promote student wellness.
  5. School staff are encouraged and supported to practice healthy nutrition and physical activity in and out of school.
  6. The community is engaged in supporting the work of Snow Pond in creating continuity between school and other settings for students and staff to practice lifelong healthy habits.
  7. Snow Pond Arts Academy establishes and maintains an infrastructure for management, oversight, implementation, communication about and monitoring of the policy and its established goals and objectives.

Snow Pond will integrate wellness activities across the entire school setting. Snow Pond will coordinate and integrate other initiatives related to physical activity, nutrition and wellness so all efforts are complementary, not duplicative, and work towards the same set of goals and objectives promoting student well-being, optimal development and strong educational outcomes. With special focus on performing arts, we will incorporate and enhance our wellness education and promotion through dance, theatre and music as part of physical activity and psychological well being.

  • 1. Screen Time
    1. It will be encouraged that screen time including television, computer, video games and other electronic media will only be used for educational purposes.
    2. All student cell phones and electronics will be put away during class time and will only be permitted for usage during lunch time.
  • 2. Nutritional Education and Promotion

    Snow Pond Arts Academy is committed to the following goals by teaching, encouraging and supporting:

    1. All high school students will receive health education including nutrition education that is aligned with federal and state laws and educational standards through Friday workshop periods from community health professionals. .
    2. Snow Pond Arts Academy’s chef is committed to educating their high school students about daily nutritional education on what the students are consuming.
    3. Snow Pond Arts Academy offers taste testing and menu planning opportunities for all high school students.
    4. Snow Pond Arts Academy will include some of the healthy eating topics in Health/Nutrition Education. Snow Pond will include some of the health education curriculum topic examples from below:
      • Relationship between healthy eating and personal health and disease prevention.
      • Eating a variety of foods every day
      • Balancing food intake and physical activity
  • 3. Wellness Promotion
    1. Snow Pond Arts Academy will establish a wellness committee.
    2. Staff will be encouraged to participate in wellness challenges 2 times per year.
  • 4. Nutritional Guidelines
    1. Snow Pond supports a 30 minute meal time for all students and staff.
    2. Snow Pond Arts Academy has a chef that attends professional development opportunities.
    3. Standards and nutritional guidelines for all foods and beverages sold to students on school campus are consistent with federal regulations.

    Nutritional Promotion and Education

    Snow Pond Arts Academy aims to teach, encourage, and support healthy eating by all high school students. This high school should provide nutrition education and engage in nutrition promotion.

    1. The chef will write the nutritional guidelines on the my-plate diagram and post 2 times per week.
  • 5. Physical Education and other physical activities

    Snow Pond Arts Academy will provide a physical and social environment that encourages safe and enjoyable physical activity and fosters the development of a positive attitude towards health and fitness.

    1. Snow Pond Arts Academy provides opportunities in a variety classes that fosters physical activity.
  • 6. Non Food Service Program Food and Beverages
    1. No extra food or beverages come into the school to be sold or provided other than through our chef.
    2. Snow Pond does not have any snack shacks, snack bars or other venue to sell or provide extra food other than provided.
  • 7. Farm to School
    1. Snow Pond Arts Academy will promote a student led garden that grows food for the cooking club and chef to prepare and everyday meals.
  • 8. Measuring Implementation and Evaluation

    The School Board recognizes the importance of implementing and maintaining the Wellness Policy.

    1. The wellness team will serve as an advisory committee. This team will be responsible for making recommendations related to the wellness policy and wellness goals for raising awareness for student and staff health issues.
    2. Snow Pond Arts Academy is committed to making their health and wellness policy public.
    3. The wellness committee will provide updates on wellness policy, compliance, and wellness initiates to the school board and staff.

  1. Administrator
  2. Food Service Staff
  3. PE Teacher
  4. Parents
  5. School Board Members
  6. School Health Professionals
  7. Students
  8. Public

ADOPTED: July 5, 2017

SOURCE: In collaboration with Inland Hospital, Waterville ME