Dress Code

Students are to be decently, modestly, and appropriately dressed, with the primary responsibility for student appearance to be with the parents and the student. The school will exclude dress that is destructive or interferes with the educational process. Therefore, students are to wear clothing that is neat, sufficient in coverage and not hazardous or offensive to themselves or others.

Dance Attire

Dance attire for any of these classes can vary slightly.  

Ballet classes:

Female attire: leotard, tights, ballet skirt (not required), ballet shoes

Male attire: black stretch leggings, fitted t-shirt, ballet shoes

All other classes:

Leggings, shorts, or yoga pants with a tank top or t-shirt can suffice

If you have further questions on any of these, please contact Dance Director Holly Gannett at: Holly.Gannett@snowpondartsacademy.org

Theater Attire

Comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for movement.

If you have further questions on theater attire, please contact
Theater Director Jeri Pitcher at jeri.pitcher@snowpondartsacademy.org.

Sample Student Schedule

Here is a sample student schedule – times are merely placeholders and will change based on student needs. The “Extension” time is set aside for teachers to be working with students individually or in small groups, focusing on tasks needed to meet standards in that specific content area.